Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sponsored Post: Vampire Empire

So I'm selling ad space now--yay! For my first post of this kind, I'm talking about Vampire Empire, a site about (in the site owner's words) "history to cult classics to phenomenons no one saw coming."

The main part of the site showcases some very nice vampire artwork -- I think this one's my favorite, but I also love how the first painting of Lucy from Dracula captures the novel's themes of sexuality and violence. The site also offers custom vampire art.

In addition, there are sections on classic and popular vampire stories, such as Dracula, Interview with the Vampire (is that old enough to be considered a classic, in terms of vampire stories?), and True Blood (which reminds me, I'm still somewhere at the beginning of Season 2).

Anyway, you should check it out.

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